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GASP! is back?!
posted 8/22/2021 @ 6:33PM EST by hm1
No, sadly it is not. However I noticed the domain expired without a stupid domain parking company scooping it up and asking $1000 for it. I figured I'd save a bit of runescape history, so here's an archived snapshot of the website at it's finest. Enjoy!

ps. are you madcoder? do you want your website back? email me! givememyshitback @ r u n e n e w s . n e t

Fourth Bank Page, New Quest and Gauntlets Bug Fixed!
posted 5/7/2003 @ 9:25PM EST by Seiferoth
Yes, Finally an elusive fourth bank page so that I don't have to throw stuff away even if I want to keep it, a new quest to entertain us and give us a helpful new teleport , and everyone who lost gauntlets will be pleased to know that they can get them back by: Having someone kill you in duel, kamikaze in the wilderness or my personal favorite fighting a hero(or two) until he kills you.

Quadruple Bank Space!

We are pleased to announce that the Bank of RuneScape has recently finished extending its new secure vaults, deep under each branch.
"We felt," a senior cashier commented, "that many of our customers needed more space for their belongings, and of course, we were only too happy to help!"

This move is the latest in the continuing expansion of the Bank of RuneScape, offering RuneScape members a fourth bank page.

"Its all a big con!" a downtrodden peasant was heard saying in the street, "all they want is to wear your party hats when you're not around!"

Watch Tower Quest!

The young wizard on duty in the Yanille Watch Tower scribbled another tally onto the newly created 'ogre activity report'. It had been a long shift, and the ogre sightings were getting more and more frequent. For a second, the wizard allowed his eyelids to drop...
"They're gone! Who's on watch?!"

The young wizard awoke with a start, "What's going on?" he enquired, sensing the panic around him.

"I could well ask you that!" the senior wizard retorted, standing over the bewildered youth. "Locks smashed, doors wide open and the power crystals - gone!"

"Gone?! But, without the crystals..." the reality of the situation was hitting him like a Wind Strike in the chest.

"Exactly." the senior wizard replied, placing a firm hand on the young wizard's shoulder, "Without the crystals, Yanille is doomed."

"Our only hope," a voice from the doorway said "is that some brave adventurer is willing to take on this Watch Tower Quest"

"That's all folks."

RuneUpload + Avatar Issue fixed.
posted 5/6/2003 @ 10:41PM EST by madcoder
RuneUpload has been adjusted to allow you to use it for your avatar without UBB complaining about the question mark.

The image.cgi program which retrieves the images used to be called as:

But (notice / instead of ?) works now, and should not cause UBB any distress.

You can use your old image numbers, just replace the ? with a slash in the url.

R.I.P. RN2
posted 4/4/2003 @ 12:13AM EST by madcoder
Well, the "merry" days of RN2 have come and gone, and it's time to present the latest in Runescape Tipsite Technology.

RN3 is Here!

Rune News Version 3.0

You are looking at it. Enjoy.

Congratulations Ltangel!
posted 3/30/2003 @ 8:27PM EST by Seiferoth
Today, an amazing feat was accomplished by a friend of mine. The party started a bit earlier then when Lt logged in, Eastgotenks was handing out rune hatchets(for what reason I have no idea).

Then at about 3:00PM EST Ltangel logged in, It was crowded and crazy(It was a sea of blue hats basically). People wouldn't even let Ltangel keep the spot to herself at the furnace.

Then she hit 99 crafting when Musashi22 arrived, and they held the parade to varrock, as she dropped holy symbols on the way.

The drop party was long, and the server glitched because of all the people! You couldn't see what people said in chat, every now and then you'd see one person say something.. As it calmed down though it became easier to communicate.

I helped out a bit by dropping some items for Lt, and at the end she gave a speech, which ended the party which lasted over 2 hours. All in all it was a great day in RuneScape History.

Congrats LT from all of Rune News, You've done what I thought was impossible.

Why is the news so ugly?
posted 3/11/2003 @ 12:25AM EST by madcoder
The answer: Because RN3 Is going into effect soon!

Rune News v.3 (Seen Here ) is being integrated into the site and being adapted. The site may look inconsistent over the next few days, But we'll be all together again in no time with RN3.

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